Our Monthly Client Account Manager Training Membership

A collection of everything we use to manage clients inside digital marketing agencies

We're premium Client Account Managers for Digital Marketing Agencies, so we know a thing or two about what goes on behind the curtains of your agency. Now, we're sharing everything we use inside tons of different agencies to keep clients happy.

About DOT & Co.

We’re the world’s first and only team of dedicated Client Account Managers for digital marketing agencies, so we know a thing or two about creating unforgettable client experiences.

What's Included In My Membership?

You will tap in to our life's work of DOT's systems, training and more inside our monthly membership. You'll have immediate access to everything we've created & use today.

  • ACCESS OUR TEAM. Tap into our Premium Client Account Managers at DOT.

  • THE CAM SCHOOL ($997 Value). Our unique & proven training lessons.

  • THE CAM LIBRARY ($497 Value). All of our SOP's, processes and workflows.

  • ONGOING TRAINING. Always stay up to speed with CAM life.

  • UNLIMITED OFFICE HOURS. Questions? Grab a time with our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up?

    Click “Get Access”, sign up for an account with Thinkific, purchase the Collective, then fill out a form to give your Client Account Managers full access! We’ll personally send them a welcome email to kick things off and get the party started.

  • What is the value of Office Hours?

    A lot of learning cannot be shared in a video or a document. Support and ongoing training come in different forms, and sometimes having a quick conversation can speed up the decision-making process, and help your agency get quick wins.

  • What is the difference between the Library and the School?

    The CAM Library has all of our systems and processes. The CAM School has 150+ walkthrough video lessons. Both are included in the CAM Collective.

  • Why is it a monthly membership?

    Digital Marketing as an industry is ever-evolving. This is for ongoing support to empower your account management team to keep up their industry knowledge, understand marketing trends, strategies, and processes through the lens of premium client-first services.

Why Enroll Your Agency & Team Today?

It's the monthly membership your client-facing team needs. Not only will you have access to our premium content, but you'll also speed up your success rate inside your agency. We work with premium agencies across the globe, and The CAM Collective is just that— a collection of our proven systems, processes, training and more. Get access today!

  • CAM SCHOOL. Our training program is designed to create premium client-facing account managers.

  • CAM LIBRARY. Want to speed up your processes & systems? Use ours.

  • ACCESS DOT & CO. TEAM. We work inside top agencies, so we're here to guide you in the right direction.

  • BOOK OFFICE HOURS. Have a question or just want to chat? We're here for you with unlimited office hours. 

In a matter of weeks, our agency is already more organised, and in shape to scale our own growth.

Matt Jones, SHED Social

We’ve loved every step of the process with DOT & Co – they are super focused on making their service work for our individual needs, they have great knowledge, and nothing is too much for them to figure out. The team is highly focused on making every interaction with us worthwhile and successful, but they are also super nice people who clearly care deeply about the role they play in our business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DOT & Co.!

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A monthly membership with full-access to our team, training & CAM tools.

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